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The word “coffee” comes from the Arabic “Qahwa” that means stimulant beverage or wine.
The coffee plant: Coffea belongs to Rubiaceae family from Ethiopia, later spreads to all the tropical areas.
Coffee can be divided into two main stripes: Arabica and Robusta.
Arabica: represents 3\4 of the world production. It has an intense taste, sweet but lightly bitter. It is profusely aromatic.
Robusta: coffee produced from this stripe is lighter and less full-bodied than Arabica. It assures a perfect foam for the espresso structure and its aroma reminds flavours from the origin lands.
Our blends comes from these two stripes and their union create different flavour and aroma. So it is very important find the correct balance among Aroma, Colour, Bitterness and Stucture.


In the early XVI Century coffee reached Egypt, Constantinople, Syria and then expanded in Europe and America, spreading the rite of the preparation and the consumption.
This usage arrived in Italy starting from Venice that was a melting pot and a commercial pole, so the first “botteghe del caffè” were born as meeting points for writers, politicians and artists.
Coffee had had a really good consideration during the “Illuminismo”. All the best artists from this period, were coffee drinkers and addicted to be awake during their debates.
Voltaire was a real coffee addict. It seems that he drank about 30 coffee cups a day.
The first italian newspaper was “Il Caffè”, established by a famous “Illuministi” group from Lombardia (Northern Italy) as Pietro and Alessandro Verri, Cesare Beccaria and others members from “Accademia dei Pugni”.
“Il Caffè” proposed different subjects: from sciences to arts and social life occurances.
In England, the first coffee place, opened in Oxford.


From Yemen, a legend tells that a shepherd, after having saw how his goats were agitated, noticed the animals ate few red berries. The shepherd, very perplexed but curious, told about it to a monk from the monastery of Cheodet nearby and he prepared a beverage with the same red berries. He wanted to stay awake for a longer time to pray.
Coffee is legend into Arabic world too: Maometto was falling aspleep but Archangel Gabriel offered a boiling coffee mug. So, Maometto could “unseat forty men and satisfy forty women” (as the Koran told).

Nowadays tra extraordinary black beverage aroma, have conquered the world.

Quotes about Coffee

-Thomas Stearns Eliot: "I measure my life in coffee spoons"
-Georges Courteline: “It is easier change religion than coffee”
-Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord: “A caffee should be as dark as the devil, as hot as the hell and as sweet as a kiss”



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  • July 5th 2014


    We have introduced a new packaging for our blends with Flavour – saving valve. Our purpose is guarantee the aroma of our coffee as just roasted.
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    A news for our products: the Gincafè! Ohe only energy Mix realized with a mixture of Ginseng and coffee. Available in package of 30 monodoses.
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Why should you choose Chicco Caffè?

Why should you choose Chicco Caffè?
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Chicco Caffé's essential strength: respect for people and environment, nature friendly, artisan processing.

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